Fashion Notes

Put a little Spring in your wardrobe!

We’re thinking spring with beautiful weather and longer days.  The question on our minds is: What do you really want to wear?  What are your needs?  What are your priorities?  We’ve had mixed signals:  So many have said “I don’t go anywhere, I don’t do anything, I don’t need nice clothes or jackets” but you leave the shop looking great and polished… and happy.    When you think you need nothing you tend to settle for “stuff”.  Stuff clogs up your closet and paralyses you from buying the right things.  When you come to CB we remind you how great it feels to look great, feel great and get a compliment.  It all defies logic.

All of us are still doing things: Some still work, some consult, go to theater, dinner, parties, reunions and everyone travels.  That’s why we still choose the most beautiful, well made, quality pieces… because they look great.  Focusing on elevated casual or serious looks distinguishes CB from the rest and, we hope, makes your experience memorable.

Our Collections for spring are the best of casual, dress and work.  You will find beautiful color, our famous fit, great washable pieces, luxurious fabrics and the best pants.  Need a board room outfit, a travel wardrobe, an evening dress or a complete remake?  CB is your place.

Our trunk shows and our Pre Season Spring Sale offer you the looks and value that you clearly want.  There is something wonderful about having the right outfit without the panic of of last minute and the mistakes that brings.

Our Pre Season Spring Sale offers the casual, washable, colorful and quality spring/summer pieces that you will love.  Most are exclusive to Crystal Boutique and all offer the fit for which you have come to depend on us.

Plan early, choose wisely, buy fewer pieces but buy things that work, feel and look fabulous. We are your personal shoppers and that service comes at no additional charge.  It’s our experience and our relationship with you that counts.

Joel, Marilyn