We are open in the same place until our new, beautiful shop is ready late fall.

The company was founded in 1978 by Eli Goldstein. Eli was one of the true visionaries of his time. He wanted to create a company that produced superior quality items that fit well, and were comfortable. For many years, the company grew, and continued to thrive. In 1989, Eli’s daughter, Linda Sherman, joined the firm. As other manufacturers in the industry attempted to follow the same concept, Eli and Linda realized that they had to reinvent their line, and set J’envie apart from the others. Women’s lifestyles were changing , so Eli and Linda knew they had to change with “her”.​ Picture In today’s fashion world, where great items are the foundation of every wardrobe, J’envie has become a very important resource. Eli is no longer with us, but Linda continues to run the company based on his principles. Linda brought in Designer Judy Yi to add an even more youthful perspective, and to give a “fresh eye” to the collection. They achieve great balance, and work together as a formidable team to maintain J’envie as the success it is today. ​​ The key to our continued success is our true understanding of who our customer is, staying focused on keeping her updated in the latest styles, and realizing she is ever-changing and evolving. Comfort, along with unique, luxurious feeling fabrics are always the hallmarks of our collection. In addition, based on the tremendous success of our knitwear, we continue to expand our knitwear division in our collection, offering unique and wearable designs made in our own exclusive luxurious yarns.