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By the time he was 20, Numan’s workshop was a major and reputable supplier for a multitude of prominent local and international brands.

1991 saw Numan Ataker exploring new opportunities in the garment accessories market. He quickly grew and expanded his business to this area, becoming a major supplier.

In 1999, Numan Ataker concluded ho had reached his limits of growth in the accessories market in Turkey and joined hands with his cousin to venture into the textile production (fabrics/clothes) and textile design fields.

Numan Ataker was also very quick to expand in this sector. Thanks to experience gained in adjacent sectors relevant to textiles, prét d porter, sewing and garments accessories, he advanced rapidly and consolidated his position in competition with 30-40 years old, well established firms.

It was 1999 by then.

By this time, the overall global picture had also been greatly transformed. Numan Ataker started to explore the Far East textile production, technology and marketing platforms. He started to develop trade relations and starts importing from these markets, bridging domestic and European markets with the Far East.

In 2010, Numan Ataker decided to cut away from the Far Eastern markets and harness the potentials of the domestic (Turkish) textile industry.

Shortly after, in 2012, Numan Ataker focused all his attention and energy to establish a global fashion brand centered in the United States, New York, NY. And thus, a years’ long dream became reality.