We are open in the same place until our new, beautiful shop is ready late fall.

By Women for Women” is the motto of our remarkable CEO & Director, Olga Yermoloff, behind House of Olvi’s. With immense passion for the Arts – from Music to Fashion – she created a Brand loved by Women worldwide.

House of Olvi’s begins with a deep adoration of making every Woman her own Muse, using the signature fabric of lace because lace is timeless, lace is delicate yet powerful, lace it is the epitome of our own Brand. Allied with other fabrics and textures it becomes appropriate for every occasion.

Feel confident in your own skin & celebrate yourself with us.

The Olvi’s team behind the scenes are the driving force that makes Olvi’s by Olga Yermoloff a reality. We own two production units – one based in Portugal & the other in Ukraine.

Since 2002, Olvi’s has employed the best talents, including highly skilled seamstresses, pattern makers, designers…among all of the crucial roles that make Olvi’s become one of the most desirable Brands worldwide blending craftsmanship & beauty in one.

In these current challenging times, Olvi’s has always supported & will continue to support the team. Over the past year, Olvi’s facilitated the relocation and rehabilitation of Ukraine’s Production team to Portugal, along with their families. So far, we have successfully helped twenty families to find new homes and become self sufficient.

We encourage worldwide peace & prioritize our Team’s constant safety because we are one entity.

At face value, Fouy Chov could be viewed as your typical designer striving to make his mark in arguably the biggest fashion capital in the world – New York City. A graduate from FIT (the Fashion Institute of Technology), Fouy started his career by designing for other companies ranging from ready-to-wear to high-end couture. In 2005, he founded his own label – Fouy Chov Couture.

Having lived in several parts of Asia, Fouy’s family one day decided to move to Cambodia. Unfortunately, that was also the time the Khmer Rouge War broke out. And in order to escape, they had to endure the now infamous death marches. But with the help of the Red Cross and local churches, Fouy and his family made their next major move and found a new home in the Midwest of the States.
The drastic cultural changes made day-to-day life sometimes difficult. But Fouy found an outlet in his sketches – showing glimpses of what soon would become his love for fashion. His responsibilities of helping with the family business, however, would keep his dreams a little out of reach for awhile.

It took the unexpected death of his older brother that made him realize that life was too short. And with his family’s blessing, Fouy made the biggest decision of his life and moved to the East Coast on his own. Fouy’s early designs were influenced heavily by his love for classic European styles. But he also liked to push the boundaries being inspired by the less traditional and bold styles of female self-expression. Fouy Chov Couture is it’s own unique blend of elegance and empowerment – a collection intended to celebrate those special moments, and a style created to make women look not only beautiful, but feel strong, confident and exquisite.