We are open in the same place until our new, beautiful shop is ready late fall.

We're moving!

We’re absolutely thrilled to share some incredible news that we’ve been eager to unveil – Crystal Boutique is taking a leap into the future, and it’s all thanks to the unwavering support and friendship from our amazing community.

🌟 Moving on Up: Discover the New Sensational Crystal Boutique!

The buzz around Crystal Boutique has always been about the magic we create together, and we’re excited to announce that we’re crafting a brand-new chapter in our story.
Our new Crystal Boutique promises to be more than just a space; it’s a vibrant experience waiting to unfold.

What’s in store for you?

Picture a Crystal Boutique that not only sparkles brighter but also offers a more spacious and convenient haven. No more parking nightmares – just ease and comfort as you step into our larger, brighter, and fabulous new space upstairs. What makes this move even more special is our fantastic new location – just across the street, nestled above the hustle and bustle, right above the Starbucks you know so well. For now, you can still find us in the same familiar place, but the anticipation is building for the grand reveal of our new Crystal haven coming June ’24!

Exciting offerings to celebrate the move:

To thank you for being part of our journey, we’re inviting you to take advantage of our special spring pre-season sales and trunk shows (January 18-February 3). Revel in the most stunning collections, and don’t miss our expanded selection of evening wear – perfect for adding a touch of Crystal elegance to your special occasions.

And, as always, our exclusive Crystal Collection Sportswear will entice you to spend the warm summer days in our beautiful, brightly colored, lightweight, and easy-care tops, jackets, knits, pants, toppers,
and all-weather pieces. Come in for the savings and take advantage of the remarkable showings of your new, couture collectibles.

We’re moving on up in ’24, and we can’t wait to share this exciting journey with each of you. Your friendship has been the shining gem in our success.

Thank you for being a part of the Crystal Boutique family.


September 25 – October 2:  Algo of Switzerland Fall
October 12-14:  Algo of Switzerland  Spring 
February  8-10:   Tom and Linda Platt Spring
March 8-9:  Lourdes Chavez  Spring
More to come!

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