Cashmere is the softest most prized fiber for sweaters. It’s soft, light weight, durable, very warm and makes wonderful feeling garments for wearing. It has long been one of the most exotic and rarest fiber to be found. CThe fleece of cashmere goats is made up of two distinct fibers, the coarse outer hair and the fine cashmere undercoat. We use only the finest hand-combed underbelly fibers. Not to worry, the combing process is actually very animal friendly. These fibers are then cleaned, dyed and spun in to yarn. Each piece is created by highly skilled craftsmen who painstakingly knit and link each component of a garment by hand. 

At diane snyder cashmere we use only the finest materials to produce our sweaters. Each sweater is made to order to our exacting standards… We hope you enjoy wearing them!